Raquel Henriques’s favorite foods for a healthy lifestyle

Raquel Henriques healthy eating

I always get many questions about my daily diet, and what I do to maintain a healthy lifestyle . What are my secrets, if I make a 100% healthy eating plan and how can I control myself so that I do not get out of line. In this article, I explain what changes I had to make to have a healthier food plan and what food can not miss in my shopping list .

And in addition to the usual foods, I also use specific products that are essential to my training routine. Get to know these products in  my other article – Favorite products for a healthy diet.

Step 1: Clean the pantry … throw away what does not do your body good

The reality is that for many years I made many mistakes in my food. But I learned to change my habits. Not only because I realized that in the long run it would be beneficial to my physical and mental health , but also because when I entered the world of fitness competitions I had to change my behavior.

My physical condition needed more attention to get the best test results. After all, food and physical activity go hand in hand . In addition, she had already accumulated some fat and cellulite in the body, even being lean.

I confess it’s not an easy process, but you have to trust the scheme. I began to gain the courage to throw out of my pantry everything that was hurting me:

  1. cookies;
  2. sugars;
  3. cereals (of those full of color);
  4. butters;
  5. white flour;
  6. among other foods harmful to health or poor in nutrients.

The second step was to replace everything with a shopping list of staple “live” foods as well as whole foods . And for those who think that to have a healthy lifestyle is necessary to go hungry to eat only lettuce, is quite mistaken.

When I began to see the results, I was no longer tempted to eat greasy foods and I was able to maintain a healthy diet rich in essential nutrients for my body.

Step 2: A New Shopping List with Essential Foods for a Healthy Lifestyle

To maintain a more balanced and healthy diet, I always have on my shopping list (and also you must have in your) the following foods:

1) Fruits

Fruits are considered rich foods with essential nutrients for the body , such as vitamins and minerals. They are also sources of carbohydratesin their simplest form – sugars fructose and glucose.

I always opt for melon, apple, strawberry, grapefruit, bananas and red berries.

Raquel Henriques favorite foods

2) Vegetables and greens

Vegetables have few calories and antioxidant properties, which are substances responsible for fighting organisms that are harmful to our health. They are absolutely essential for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle .

For me, I need certain nutrients in my workout routine, these are the vegetables you can not miss on my shopping list : broccoli, green beans, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and potatoes.

3) White meats

Proteins derived from white meats are called “complete proteins,” because they contain all the amino acids essential for a healthy development of the body . The fish, on my shopping list, is the main white meat and source of protein, but the prawns are also a great choice.

4) Nuts

The nuts are foods with a high nutrient density, rich in vegetable protein and also in unsaturated fat , which makes them quite caloric but ideal for those who practice physical activity. They are still very rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Whether it’s cashews, roasted peanuts, almonds or walnuts, choose your favorite nuts and add to the grocery list.

5) Water and tea

It is no news to anyone that drinking water is mandatory for the proper functioning of our body. In addition, it helps a lot in reducing fluid retention , being ideal to drink 2 liters per day. However, teas are also a good choice for body hydration and for different fitness goals . Choose the infusion and purpose that suits you best and enjoy the benefits of tea.

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